12 June 2011

Day 7: Nomad

Our last full day in Paris! We had nothing planned, so we slept in. I went for a run along the Seine, passing by Notre Dame and the Louvre, passing through the Tuileries, and running a few bridges I hadn't done yet. At noon, S and I met Sarah's friend M and his wife P, who took us to lunch at a great quiche place. I had fig and chevre quiche. S had chicken and... cheese?

After lunch, M&P took us on a walk down Promenade Plantée, which is an old train track that's been turned into a city park. Minneapolis has done this, and NYC did something similar. Paris started it in 1962. Near the city center, the park is still fairly urban:

But as you move away from the center, it gets greener and greener:

Here's M, P, & S standing in front of some graffiti at the (current) end of the park. Paris expands the park occasionally, so it's unlikely that this is the permanent end of the park.

M&P joined S and I for dinner with J and some of her friends. We had a nice dinner and then hit a series of bars before ending up here, across the street from The Louvre.

We were having a lovely nightcap, and then two Danes at the next table begged us to help them finish their bottle of Champagne. Who are we to say 'no?'

It was after 3am by the time we got home, so there was no posting. Now, I'm up early to do some laundry and pack... check-out time is in two hours!

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