04 June 2011

Bon voyage, bon voyage!

Tomorrow, after just over seven years of marriage, S and I are finally headed on a honeymoon. We've been pinching pennies and making big plans, and in less than 24 hours, our pal M is picking us up to shuttle us to LAX. From there, we'll fly to Charlotte, and then, after an almost two-hour layover, we'll board a flight for an overnight trip to Paris! From Paris, we'll travel to the German Alps. Then, to Prague (where I have a conference). Then, to the Amalfi Coast, and then, to Rome.

All told, we'll be gone from home for almost a month!

We've been madly preparing for the trip. Buying travel sizes of things, consulting websites about what to and not to bring, looking at weather, and getting our life here in LA in order before we go (we've lined up a house-sitter, and I've completed my grading for the year).

So, we're not long for this continent, but you can check back here for updates, photos, and blog posts from our travels! Next stop, Paris!

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