06 June 2011

Day 2: Arrival in Paris

Getting to Paris was a disaster. We were on time getting to Charlotte, but even before we left LA, the flight to Paris had been delayed. Long story short: we left Charlotte about 4 hours later than we were scheduled to. On a smaller plane. With completely new seat assignments. S and I were seated 9 rows apart, in the very middle of the plane. The position was fine with me, but S gets motion sick, so of course, the problem needed to be resolved. There was one TERRIFIC flight attendant named Linda who managed to get Sarah to a window and me next to her. Most of US Airways really stunk yesterday, but Linda was terrific. Thanks Linda!

We landed in Paris, collected our bags, and caught a cab into Paris. Here's S, slightly bleary, but happy to be headed into town:

S's friend J was waiting for us at our apartment. J helped get us settled in, and we took her out to lunch after a walk through part of town. When J left for her doctor's appointment, we whipped out the camera and got down to some serious touristing:

The Seine:

A man behind Notre Dame engages in some serious photojournalism:

The rear end of Notre Dame is prettier the front:

Even the fencework in Paris is beautiful:

Jardin du Luxembourg:

Going there soon:

Persian pastries!

A fountain. One of many:

I took a couple of shots that will make wonderful HDR images, but I lack the energy tonight. The plane ride and the time difference are catching up with me. Good night!

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