18 June 2011

Day 14: Wandering Prague

Today was another mellow day off. I got up on the early side to work on some video stuff for the Push The Button piece, and B came over at around noon. He and I worked on our content for a few hours, and then B, S, and I went into town to do a quick site survey. After that and a quick lunch, we headed back to wrap up our content.

That completed, the three of us headed north a bit to wander town. First stop: the John Lennon wall, the side wall of a church that has been graffitied over with peaceful painting since Lennon died in 1980. The wall has been a landmark of the peaceful Czech people for over thirty years:
So, of course, The Night I Found Out I Was Adopted had to put their mark on it:

After that, we wandered a bit more before meeting some friends for dinner:
Dinner was at a great restaurant called Luka Lu. The cuisine was Balkan, and it was terrific! Most memorable was the cherry brandy, the cheese-stuffed meat pocket, and the baklava. There were eight of us around the table, and we had some terrific fun and conversation. I finally got a chance to sit down and talk to my old advisor... I'd been trying to have conversations with him for years, but we were never in the same place long enough to do it...

Tomorrow I sit on a panel at noon, and we have a TNIFOIWA performance at 2. And a party tomorrow night! Epic! Gotta rest up! Good night moon!

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