19 July 2010

a well-timed piece of deliciousness

One of the greatest things in the world is a peach, approximately 36-48 hours before it starts to rot. The surface is soft, the skin wrinkles to the touch, and a more cautious eater would compost the fruit. But if you through the risk of spoiled fruit to the wind and take a bite, your daring will pay off. Inside is sweet tender meat. The skin snaps just a bit when you bite. You only get two chews before the flesh turns to juice, and you find yourself licking your hand to not let any of the peach nectar go to waste.

Go eat a peach.

04 July 2010

Independence Day

Happy July 4th!

In honor of our nation's birthday, I:

* ran 6 miles (in the mountains here in central MA). The hills took my normally 8.5 minute pace down to a 10.5 minute pace. It was hard.

* read the Declaration of Independence

* hung out with some pals

* watched the first half of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum at Williamstown Theatre Festival.

* had sushi

* prepped a cookout

* talked with S and my folks

* ate the cookout

* watched fireworks:

* drank rye whiskey

* had a grand old time!

01 July 2010

OC half-marathon photo

I forgot to post a photo from the half-marathon I did in May! Here it is:

summer travels

The school year ended, and after a short respite in LA, I took off for the first of three trips this summer.

First, I flew to Minneapolis to rehearse 'The Old Story,' a new play based on the legend of Gilgamesh, with Novi Most, a company based jointly in Minneapolis and St. Petersburg, Russia. I spent a week in workshops with the director, performers, and other designers, eating well, drinking well, and exploring various avenues to dig into the play.

Seven days ago, I flew from Minneapolis to Hartford to design/score High, a new play by Matthew Lombardo. Rob Ruggiero is directing, and Kathleen Turner stars. This project has been a little awkward for me, but once I landed in Hartford, I was able to really push through and generate the first draft of the score in a day and a half. After that, there were some big changes and some little changes, but we're in good shape. We are currently in our third day of tech, and we have our first audience the day after tomorrow.

I'll be spending Independence Day (my favorite holiday) in western Mass with my pal Brad Berridge and his family. Eating, drinking, playing around. On Monday night, we'll be workshopping an improv dance piece with our band, The Night I Found Out I Was Adopted (the iphone symphony I blogged about earlier). The workshop will be at Jacob's Pillow, a dance festival summer stock company.

After my time in New England, I'll head down to DC to see one of Sarah's cousins get married. We'll get some time to wander around DC, which always makes me happy. Then, down to Virginia Beach to see my folks and my sister. Plans in VB include heading to Busch Gardens, lazing about, and seeing all sorts of family.

So, today is the mid-point of my trip. I've been gone 2 weeks, and it's another 2 weeks before I get to head back home.