06 February 2010

boy, I'm lame

It's been a long long time since I've updated - there hasn't really been much of note happening, so I've been sparing you reading boring stories. However, since it's been over a month since my last post, I guess it's time for an update.

January has come and gone. We're halfway done with the academic term at UCI, and it's going pretty well. Classes are moving right along, and the search for a new Audio Supervisor is going well (slow, but well). My program head and I went to Chicago last weekend to interview prospective students. We saw nine students, only a few of which were really worth considering. I think that in general, this was an off-year. Not sure why - usually when the economy tanks, people head back to school...

I'm working on a new show at South Coast Repertory called In A Garden. I was hired to be the designer and composer, but after talking with the director, it became clear that the music I've been asked to write is to be Middle Eastern in nature. Being neither a scholar nor practioner of that kind of music, I got real nervous real quick. I'm currently seeking out an ensemble to play the music, and I've connected with another professor at UCI who has much more experience with this style of music. She's going to help me make sure that the music is neither embarrassing to me nor a mockery of Middle Eastern music in general.

Today, I'm headed into the U to watch a dance concert and attend a crit for the lighting designer, one of our graduate students. This is his thesis production, the capstone event of his time at UCI. I've heard his work is great - I'm looking forward to it!