07 June 2011

Day 3: Dinner!

After S and I came back from our rainy walkabout, I took an hour and made some field recordings of the Parisian neighborhood (we're in the Latin Quarter). At 6.30, J met me at the market, and we bought food for dinner. Here's what we had:

Salmon with salt, pepper, and lemon
Figs (the hugest figs I ever did see!)
bread (nutty brown and baguette)
cheese (Edam, a mild Saint Marcellin, and a stinky Graines des Vosges)
tartes (one apple, one almond/cranberry)
more wine

Twas delicious!

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allisonswan said...

Thank you for taking me to Paris with you and Sarah via blog. I hope you are having a wonderful time.