08 June 2011

Day 4: Chenonceau

This morning, I got up early to go for a run. It had been a few days since I had run, and I needed to stretch my legs. I ran along the Seine as the sun rose, and got home in time to leave for our day trip to Chenonceau.

The trip did not start well. S and I grabbed a pastry at a market and braved the overpacked subway to get to the train station. At every subway stop, more people got on, but no one was getting off. Finally, we got to our train station, but when we tried to get a ticket for the TGV using our Eurail pass, the ticket agent told us it was impossible. TGV tickets needed to be reserved in advance, which was something I forgot yesterday (we had intended to take care of the train stuff yesterday, but abandoned it to get S out of the rain). So, no high speed TGV train. Our next option was to take a local train, which would take 2.5 times as long, and left 90 minutes later, from a different train station.

We zipped over to the other train station, got our tickets squared away, and had a few minutes to stroll through Jardins de Plants (why one needs to be specific about a garden having plants is beyond me).

Blue Sky!

The reflecting light made this building look purple:

The stroll did me good, as I was anxious and frustrated from the morning's events.

Getting to Chenonceau was excruciatingly hard. The website didn't provide much information, we didn't bring a phrasebook, and we forgot the relevant information from the guidebooks. Eventually, after much stressing and snapping at each other, we arrived to the beautiful castle.

We ran into some American college students who were studying in France for the summer, and we ended up on the commuter train back to Tours with them.

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