25 June 2011

Day 21: Real Estate Listing

Have you always wanted a nice country house in southern Italy? A nice place with warm sun and cool breezes? Where your garden can grow in a lovely artistic community? Have I got the place for you:

This house is a fixer-upper, but it's got everything you're looking for in a home. Your dinner parties will be perfect in the lovely central garden with a nice promenade/cloister:

There are thoughtful decorative touches throughout the house and grounds:

It definitely needs some TLC - some of the plaster has come off of the walls:

But the architecture is beautiful and old-fashioned. You'll love the narrow streets of this gated community.

Everything is in walking distance, including theaters and concert halls:

The house is lovely, and it's a great place to make your home. You might want to hire a professional to clean the draperies, though: the last owner was a smoker.

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