10 June 2011

Day 6: Culture

Today started early. We bought our ticket for the Louvre yesterday and were in line by 9am, aiming to get in and beat the crowd. We did just that. Here's the hallway to the Mona Lisa, shortly after opening. Note the lack of crowds!

Along the way, we found this quartet of paintings. Remember kids, playing bad music kills Jesus!

There was a scary-looking sphinx.

Grrrr! Arghhh!

After the Louvre, we met up with Alain, and old family friend. He took S and I to lunch at a restaurant near the Louvre. We had an excellent meal, and we enjoyed our conversation with him tremendously. After lunch, he took us on a walk over to the Palais Royale:

Then, we headed back to the Louvre one more time. The weather was unable to make up its mind today, and we alternated between the bright sunshine of above with the clouds and showers of below:

From the Louvre, we checked out the Comedie Francais before heading over to the Pompidou, the modern art museum. Check out this hot lobby!

After Pompidou, we headed for home, stopping off first at the memorial for the deportation of people under the Nazi regime (no photos allowed), and then at Papillon, a restaurant on Rue Mouffetard that Anthony Bourdain featured in his Paris episode of 'No Reservations.'

The meal was dynamite - Sarah and I both had duck confit, which was served with exceptional garlic roasted potatoes. Yum!

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