17 June 2011

Day 13: work work work play.

Today was a busy day of work. B came over, and he and I worked on getting network stuff set up and all of the max patches put together. T and D have been working on stuff from afar, but today was the day that B and I had to put them all together. There were a few bumps and bruises along the way. Some patches were very complex, and some needed more than a little bit of TLC. Also, the wireless router that B brought from the states was busted, and he had to run out for another one. We met at 11am and weren't done until after 5. Yikes. Thankfully, S was there to keep us sane!

Once we were finished, we headed up to the main entry point for the PQ to pick up our accreditation packets. The lobby is lovely:

After we picked up our packets, we ran into BML, one of the UCI students. We had dinner with her at a restaurant that S found. The food and beer were all terrific! B and I had goulash, served in a bread bowl. Yummmmm.

A stroll through Old Town brought us to one of the main town squares:

And a hat shop.

We ran into a gaggle of PQ sound people back at the main meeting point from yesterday, but when they went to dinner, we took off for another walk. Near Old Town Square was this PQ installation piece. It's the fourth wall! Get it?!
Then we found a beer festival! We partook.

Still walking, we strolled past some ice cream, a lovely french restaurant, and we stumbled upon Wenceslas Square, where we stopped for corn, soda, water, and sausage, in more or less that order.

Tomorrow, more work on PTB, more exploration of Prague, and more food!

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