07 June 2011

Day 3: Wandering, Rain

A fitful night's sleep gave way to an early morning, and S and I were both up by 6. Damn jetlag. I went to go for a run, but found that rain was pouring from the sky. Abandoning my run (my body is sorely in need of some exercise), we had a bit of breakfast and took a leisurely morning to ourselves. J came by with the loaner cell phone, and S and I left for points unknown. First, we hit the local street market for some lunch. We found a lovely little restaurant, and S ordered a Chocolate Viennesse. I think she enjoyed it:

After lunch, we crossed the Seine and found a small carousel on the Rue de Rivoli:

We continued to Place des Vosges, which is a small park in the middle of a bunch of old beautiful buildings. Victor Hugo used to live here.

We found a lovely bookshop that had some tremendous photos of Notre Dame in 1940, fortified against Nazi airstrikes. By this point, the rain that had promised to let up for the day had started up again, and we were uninterested in staying out in the rain. We headed for the apartment via subway, and I got to make some Metro recordings. Now, we're chilling at home, not sure what the evening will bring!

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Alexandra Power said...

Hope you are enjoying your stay. I think of Paris as my second home. At one point, I visited every year for a decade. Then I had kids and my streak is over. But I don't hink I'll ever forget how to navigate the city.