15 June 2012

Work notes and a short day

A short day at work today. We only had the morning to rehearse, so E called in the company to work a few notes.  On the docket was a restaging of the curtain call, a refresher on finding your light with the company, and a couple of clean-up moments regarding audience interaction.  

Before rehearsal, I snuck down to the trap room and shot this photograph. The machinery to raise and lower the traps are all original, dating from almost 100 years ago.  This shot is from upstage left, looking towards downstage right.

After rehearsal, we met up with S and grabbed lunch. Then, en route to our afternoon wanders, we ran into Matei and Ramona, who were hanging out and causing trouble. Ramona went home, but Matei spent the afternoon with us at the awesome Ethnographic Museum. That museum had lots of artifacts from Transylvanian life, including tools, clothing, musical instruments, cooking equipment. It was really something special!

After the museum, S peeled off to relax, and Matei, E, and I went to check out some more of the city (and have a beer, natch). We stopped off at a street faire so Matei could buy a gift for his girlfriend and Eli could buy some stuff for his wife and daughter. Then, home for a siesta. 

S never got up from the siesta. She's all jetlaggy, so E and I went for dinner and the ice cream festival before heading into our rooms for the night. S was still napping.  I hope she's not up all night...

Tomorrow, we open!

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