12 June 2012


We’re finally back in tech today.  We started the day with a run, which went mostly well.  Clowns were filled with new ideas, we had a bit of a personnel shift, and we stopped and started a bit.  Still, not bad. After the run, I made some changes (some new content, lots of placement/cueing changes), and Eli and had lunch. During the meal break, I made my way into a small cathedral across the square for some beautiful photographs.

The Cathedral
Inside the Cathedral
The National Theatre

After the meal break, while doing notes, I had a discovery with Shoby, the guy running sound for the show. We’ve been having a bit of a language block and have been calling a translator for many of the more detailed notes. What we discovered was that while my Romanian is virtually nonexistent and his English is only slightly better, we both speak passable Spanish.  Suddenly, we were able to communicate much more clearly.  Hurray! In the evening, we shot some posed photos before starting a run.  

Eli gives notes to the cast.
The run tonight was the first time I got to hear the show from the house (I’d spent tech and the first run in the booth with Shoby, making sure his notes on cue placement were accurate).  Shoby his all of his cues in the run, but I have a bunch of level notes and a handful of rebuilds to do… … but instead of notes right away, we went for dinner and a few beers with Cristi (the scenic/costume designer) and Jan (Jann?), another composer who works at the theatre. Terrific conversation about theatre v. cinema, the value of rhythm, Muppets, and Buchla synthesizers. Now, back to work for me.

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