06 June 2012

Did I buy a house in Romania?

The most interesting thing that happened to me today was that I signed a power-of-attorney document for tax purposes here in Romania.  This way, I've designated Oana (an employee at the theatre) to make arrangements on my behalf to pay taxes and other things related to my work here in Cluj. To do it, Oana and I went to a nearby lawyer's office, where a Notary Public and a translator met us.  The translator translated every word of the document, and then we all practiced our signatures a lot.  The translator seemed to do a good job, but for all I know, the papers I signed married me to Oana.  Or bought me a house.

Before and after that was our first day in costumes. Ionut learned how to ride a bike AND smoke a cigar:

We also shot photos of the clowns for the poster.  After the shoot, Eli and I got in for a few shots:

Then, on a break, Ionut and and Matei went out to a local park to play with the normal humans. They both made quick friends: 

In the evening, we ran the show for the designers/technicians/us and called it an early night, but not before I got a chance to snap a photo of the stage managers's board backstage.

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