07 June 2012


Here's our show poster.  Dig it:

And Anca & Ramona taking a break:

After rehearsal, Eli and I went to grab lunch. We finally found a nice little Romanian restaurant. We each had soup, and then a main course (Eli had turkey and potatoes, I had cabbage with minced meat). Also, I had a glass of tuica (a plum brandy).  For dessert, I had a dish that was similar to noodle kugel, and Eli had pasta with crushed walnuts (and lots of sugar!).  

Later, I took a walk around town and shot this video of a bunch of sports fans (soccer/football? rugby?) parading through the streets.

In the evening, we headed to the Hungarian Theatre to watch their production of Death of a Salesman. It was fascinating - very eastern-Europe in every sense of the word. Deconstruction, dirt, yelling, nudity, singing, etc. It was a remarkable production, though in the last few days, I've seen two productions of American Classics, both of which were deconstructed, updated, and filled with song.  I'm not sure what that says about how Romanians view the American cannon. 

Eli and I ended the night grabbing some pizza at Vinny's Cafe, where we ran into one of our clowns with his friends. 

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