17 June 2012

On to Dubrovnik


12.21pm - We got up shortly after 3am to get to the airport to catch our flight out of Cluj to Dubrovnik by way of Bucharest. The flight to Bucharest was fine, and we've spent the last 5 hours in the international terminal waiting for the connecting flight. Here's how we passed our time:

- Figure out how to get to the international terminal (hint: the words 'arrival' and 'departure' are used interchangeably when posting directions)
- Watch an episode of Mad Men (Don and Joan get drunk, Megan throws spaghetti, Lane has money problems)
- Read a book. 
- Eat overpriced airport food. 
- Wander the duty-free shops. Did you know there are SIX different kinds of Martini & Rossi vermouth? Rosso, Rossetti, Extra Dry, Bianca, d'Oro, and Golden. Yes,  know d'Oro means 'golden,' but I swear they were different bottles and different prices. I wonder - what do the last three bottles do?
- Watch the Tuscany episode of No Reservations. Yum! Now we've watched the programming for all of our destinations. 
- Play video games. 

We carefully managed our cash, and we just spent the last 5 lei in a vending machine. We are officially done with Romanian money.

1.05pm - in the airplane en route to Dubrovnik. Below us is either Romania or Serbia. Or both!

There are two in-flight magazines. Insight is your standard inflight mag, bilingual in Romania and English. The text was clearly translated from the Romanian - there's a lot of Engrish in it. Also, apparently Bucharest is getting its first Benehanna restaurant. It's in the ground floor of the Howard Johnson's. Suddenly, it's 1965!

The other inflight mag is called Sky Lady, and it's just for women! Because women like to fly places too! It's full of articles about where to go on vacation with your girlfriends and what kind of swimsuit will suit you if you have a grandmother-shaped body. 

10.14pm - We're here, safe and sound. It's now quite late and we're all tired, so I'll be brief: Dubrovnik is beautiful. Rocky, arid, formidable. C&E met us at the airport and we took a cab into town. We dropped our stuff, had an excellent seafood feast (grilled tuna, swordfish, squid, octopus, shrimp, and more!), wandered Old Town Dubrovnik, rode up the cable car to watch the sun set over the city, and then came home. 

When we got home, we had to pack up and move into another apartment, as the shower in our unit was leaking and causing damage. We were grumpy to move (none of us had slept more than 4 hours in the last 24), but move we did. Our new apartment is nicer. Tomorrow will start with a run for me and C.  Here are some photos:

S, E, and C outside the hotel.

E & C stare in awe.

S is dubious...

...but is pleasantly proven wrong.

Old things are pretty.

Old Town Dubrovnik from the top of the cable car.

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