19 June 2012


Woke at 6 in Dubrovnik for a final run through the city with C.

At 8.30, Dino came and checked us out. We commiserated about the bad Croatian loss to Spain last night.

9.00am - we're on the move! Cab ride to the bus station.

10.00am - the bus to Split pulls out. 5 hours of twisty roads and bad a/c await.

3.00pm - we pull into Split and before we're even off the bus, we're accosted by an army of people shouting 'accomodation?' at us, as if we're likely to book a room with someone who verbally assaults a bus.

After arriving in Split, we find our hotel, start a batch of laundry, and wander the city for a few hours.

One of the main centerpieces of Split is Diocletian's Palace, the retirement home of an ancient Roman emperor that has now become a center of commercial excess. The basement of the Palace is a museum, so we wandered there.

After the palace, we wandered Split some more, discovering Sarah's house:

And two signs painted on a wall near a club, clearly meant to discourage what apparently is a common practice.

Dinner was excellent! Sarah had lasagna and I had sea bass. Dessert was tasty, and after-dinner drinks means that I have a drunk wife at home!  

Tomorrow, C & I will rise friggin' early to take a run before we all try to take a boat ride to a nearby island. Split hits 98 in the shade today, so we're anxious to get out on the water and away from the heat.

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