05 June 2012

A half-day of rehearsal and a Neil Simon Classic!

We were back in the theatre today for four hours of rehearsal in the morning.  Eli continues to refine the performance, adding nuance, character work, and precision to what can often look pretty disorganized and random.  Here he is giving notes to the company:

We ended our rehearsal day after only four hours as the space needed to be set up for tonight's performance of Biloxi Blues. Yes, after hearing for years about how original and kooky Eastern European theatre can be, my first full production experience was the Neil Simon classic.  

Irina and Silvius had lunch with Eli and I at a place called Marty Cafe, which felt the closest to a diner I've been to in a while.  That said, none of us had 'American' food. Irina had asian soup, Silvius had chicken dijon, and Eli and I both had a pretty tasty roasted eggplant. I have yet to really experience Romanian food... most everything around here is international of some flavor...

Biloxi Blues was almost exactly what I expected.  Obtuse, expressionistic, daring, and very un-American. I have to say that while parts of it were great (including the performances), the piece was not my cup of tea.  I think the director totally blew it with regards to any larger meanings in the play.  That said, the performances were good, Eli and I learned a lot, and I went out with the actors after the show for a beer.  Now, back in my room to scarf down a meal before bed...

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