01 June 2012

En Route to Romania

I'm writing from the Munich airport during a brief layover en route to Cluj. My flight took off from LA at 9pm last night and got in at 5:30pm today. Soon, I'll board the flight to Cluj. I didn't sleep well on the plane last night, and I expect to sleep well on this last leg. Anyhow, here's a series of observations about the Munich Airport.

* This is the first international layover where I didn't have to collect my bag and recheck in. I got off of the plane and found myself in the terminal!

* There is no background music. No elevator music, no CNN international, nothing! Every once in a while, there will be a service announcement, and the first notes of the lead-in music sound lie the opening of Bach's cello cantatas.

* There is some sort of adult establishment here in the international terminal. I thought it might've been a peep show (they advertise a 1Euro cover charge), but there's also a big banner up for a going out of business sale. Not sure what it was.

* I had a bowl of ramen and a beer for fortification. I probably just needed the ramen, but hey, when in Bavaria...

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