23 June 2008

weekend in Mpls, the long drive home

Sarah and I left Minneapolis this morning after a great visit. We stayed
with some friends (and their new lovely daughter) of Sarah's from college,
and saw a bunch more of her friends. We also got to catch up with a friend
of mine from New Haven.

This morning, we drove first to Rochester MN to visit Sarah's grandfather at
the Mayo Clinic. He went in late last week with some major problems, but
when we saw him today, he seemed to be doing a lot better. Sarah's uncle
Steve kept our visit a secret from her grandpa, so when he saw us, it was
quite a surprise. We had a great visit with him, and then began our trek
down to KC.

Once in KC, we had just enough time to change some clothes before we had to
go to dinner with Sarah's mom, brother, and soon-to-be-sister-in-law. They
are still auditioning rehearsal dinner sites, which means that there are
plenty more good restaurants to try.

Tomorrow we drive to Denver, across the vast expanse of nothing that is
Kansas. More then, from Oz.

1 comment:

sarah said...

uck--i abhor driving through kansas! what a big state of nothingness! and then you arrive in colorado and it STILL looks like kansas! hope you're having a safe trip!