17 June 2008

Italy 08: Day 6

Again with the no sleep. Judging by my record and the fact that tonight is both our last night here and our only night of performance, I don't imagine I'll get much sleep tonight either. It's alright - I have a two hour train ride, followed by a 9-hour plane ride, followed by a 3-hour plane ride. I suppose I can get some sleep then.

Michael came by with the car at 9.20 this morning to load up the gear that Jaymi and I needed to bring to the antifeatro. When we got here, it took a while to set up. I needed an extra table and some covering at the FOH position. When I finally got set up, we had a spacing rehearsal, followed by a lunch break. The house techs here are all agog over the JazzMutant Lemur that I brought. On lunch, I stayed with the gear and did some more work.

This afternoon, we had a run-through. It went well, and after a few notes, Eli released the cast to get some rest in anticipation of tonight's show. All of my gear is set up in the space, where security is lax, so I'm staying around to make sure nothing walks away. Some of the other Californians are going to relieve me in a bit, so that I can do a little packing and maybe grab some dinner. It's 4pm now, and the show isn't until 9pm.

Oh, and the wind has blown clouds through. Now, the covering that was protecting my gear from the sun this morning is protecting my gear from the possible rain now. Michael has hung plastic sheets around my area of the canopy in case the rain comes. So far, so good. Knocking on wood.

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