15 June 2008

Italy 08: Day 4


The 7.15 alarm came too early this morning. Jaymi and I struggled to get ready after our night of revelry with the Irish. We were at the rehearsal hall by 8.15, ready to get set up for rehearsal. Rehearsal started at 9am, with a few more instances of the clown training that we did yesterday:

At 9.45, the Californians convened for a quick re-assessment of our casting. At 10am, the clowns came, and we divided them into specialty clowns, who would have a small role in the show but would also handle preshow work, elder clowns, who would be featured in the show, and those clowns that we could not fit into the show. We quickly got to work staging the show.

Here's our company:

The staging turned out surprisingly well. We explained the rough structure to the clowns, and then we went through the piece, element by element. Most of them were quick to pick up the idea, and they were both interesting to watch and responsive to my work. We had a great time, and by the end of rehearsal, we were able to do a rough run of the whole show. I was particularly surprised to see that many of the clowns that we elected to not use in the show stayed to watch our rehearsal.

After rehearsal, we grabbed lunch (pizza with sausage, artichoke, mushroom, and ham on different quarters) and then adjourned to a bar/gelateria called GREEDY BAR for a glass of limoncello and gelato (I had the pine nut). Mmmm. Here's Benny at lunch, talking with Lucy, an American student at the Academie and one of our company members:

As I write this, I'm taking a siesta before meeting the Californians for dinner at 7.30. We have shows to see at 9 and 11pm. Then, probably a drink or two before bed.

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