16 June 2008

Italy 08: Day 4, part 2

Well, I set my alarm for 6.30, but apparently my body needed a rest. I woke up at 8.10 and missed meeting up with everyone else for dinner before the 9pm show. The 9pm show was great - it was a Swiss group, who did an entire piece about being a spectator at a play. It was done without voices, but with a lot of music (that the performers played). Also, they were great dancers. Truly an amazing piece of theatre.

The 11pm piece was also good, but in a different way. This was the group from Ireland, who did an ensemble piece about a Irish myth. The performances were good, but I got a little tired of the story after a while. Alas.

After the second show, we went with the Irish folk back to the bar. It's 3.15am, and we're just now getting to bed. Fortunately, I both had a nap today and don't have to be at the rehearsal hall at 8.15 tomorrow morning. Phew.

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