24 June 2008

KC to Denver, via Kansas

Today we got up in Kansas City and hit the road shortly after noon. There were storms for the first 40 miles or so, but soon the Kansas rain gave way to a beautiful sunny day. Kansas, it has been said before, is immensely flat and boring. It is, however, much more lovely in summer than in winter. Today was the first time I had driven through Kansas in the summer. Wonderful colors, big clouds, fun animals. It was still a day of my life that I'll never get back, but at least we didn't have to also deal with snow!

Lunch and dinner today were both at Arby's. Sarah's a picky eater, so many of the fast food options (McDonald's Burger King, Subway, Taco Bell) were off-limits. I wasn't interested in a sit-down meal, so Arby's was the only compromise. I hope there's something else to eat tomorrow.

We're in Denver now, staying overnight with a friend of Sarah's. We played ROCK BAND for a while, and now Sarah and her friend are playing their video game. I'm working and blogging instead.

Tomorrow we will drive to Cedar City, UT. We'll hit the Rockies. Woohoo!

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sarah said...

i love that arby's is the compromise! hahaha! subway is totally my road pick--it's the only place where i ever feel like i can get anything healthy on the side of the highway. otherwise i just eat a lot of beef jerky and peanut m&m's! you're making miss the joys of cross-country road trips! so fun!