16 June 2008

Italy 08: Day 5


This morning came a little too early again (must stop trying to keep pace with 19-year old Irish students), but again, we were back in the hall for our last day of rehearsal with them. We added to the show some more and it's becoming quite interesting. We've got 30 minutes of useful material, which is saying something, considering that most of our clowns have never clowned before and we've only had about 11 hours of rehearsal with them.

Here are some photos from today's rehearsal.

We ran through the show a few times and then broke our rehearsal space down for the last time. After rehearsal, Eli, Jaymi, Holly, Michael, and I went for a late lunch. The restaurants were all closed (the Italian siesta), but we found one that would serve us. While we were eating, some of the Irish students joined us. Here's Holly's lovely Arugala & Gorgonzola pizza:

Now we're back at the B&B and taking a little downtime before the first of three shows tonight. I had to fix a couple of notes, but now I'm about to go out and record the bells in town. Then, off to the show, then dinner, then another show, then lighting focus! Will post more tonight, if I'm awake.

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