30 July 2009

jet lag, home, and stuff

Right, so I'm home after my trip to the far east, and I've basically been trying to recooperate and rejuvenate for the past few days. I picked up my new eyeglasses, bought a camera, exercised, shopped, cleaned, read, slept, watched some tv, saw Harry Potter, and gone stir-crazy.

On Tuesday, I rode 15 miles to buy a camera.

The big news is that we have to buy another car. Sarah was in an accident a few weeks ago, and the insurance company has totalled the car. We're looking for another one. We want another Prius, but it doesn't look like the Prius is suffering from the same recession that other cars suffer from.

This morning, I was up at 4am and unable to get back to sleep (the last remnants of jetlag?). At 4.45, Sarah came home from work. So, we had a nice visit before she went to bed and I started my day.

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