03 August 2009

T-minus-21 hours

Denise is coming to visit tomorrow! She's coming out to LA for a friends' wedding, but she's making the trip a few days early so that she can visit with Sarah and I. Sarah and I have been running errands and trying to clean before she gets her (actually, the condo was filthy, and Denise's visit is a good excuse for us to clean).

When she lands tomorrow, she and I and a third friend will go to dinner. On Wednesday, we're heading down into the OC and then to dinner with some friends from LB. On Thursday, we'll head up to the Huntington Library for a day outside in the sun and heat. We're going to meet Jaymi and Kerri then, and all go out for a nice birthday dinner. On Friday, I'll take her to the airport to rent a car for her drive up north for the wedding.

Things left to do:
* figure out what else to do in the OC (in addition to visiting the U and eating at Memphis)
* vacuum
* tidy the office/guest bedroom a bit more.

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