28 August 2009

The last Japanese Photo

When I was in Tokyo last month, I spent a couple nights hanging out with my friend Sou, who I met in Shanghai in June. The first night, we went to dinner, and then he took me around to see a couple of interesting elements of the Tokyo scene. We went to a huge video arcade, and one floor was completely dedicated to photo booths. The interesting thing about this floor was that couples were only allowed if they were M/F or F/F. M/M pairs were not allowed. Sou wanted to show me, so we snuck in and took a series of photos. While we were post-processing it, we almost got kicked out, but Sou explained that I was a tourist and he wanted to show me Japanese culture, so we were allowed to stay.

I forgot about the photo until today, when I pulled it out of a book and scanned it to send it to Sou. Here it is for you too!

From Korea & Tokyo, 2009

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