08 September 2009

A(nother) lawyer in the family

Congratulations to my brother-in-law Ben, who just passed the Bar Exam. He's now officially a lawyer! Hooray Ben!

Last week, my folks flew out for a few days of a visit at the beginning of a monthlong vacation. On the evening of the day they landed, we walked down to the beach at sunset for a nice dinner on the shore:

From Mom & Dad's visit to CA, September 2009

From Mom & Dad's visit to CA, September 2009

The next day, we drove down to San Diego for a few days of sunshine and visiting with Vince and Sue:

From Mom & Dad's visit to CA, September 2009

On Friday, we drove back to LA, where they did some furniture browsing while I fought what I think was food poisoning. Sarah was able to join us on Saturday, and we had some nice meals and did some more furniture shopping.

On Sunday, I was finally feeling better, but alas, it was time to see them off. I wish I hadn't gotten ill right in the middle of their trip, but these things happen. From here, they're driving north along the coast, all the way to Seattle, where they will board an Alaskan sea cruise. They can see Russia from their cabin!

Bon voyage!

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