11 September 2009

Getting back to business.

Even though I've spent most of the past few days at home, this has been a very busy week. On Tuesday, I went to the first rehearsal for the next play I'm designing. On Wednesday, I went to two capoeira classes AND did a lot of work on school and the play. Yesterday was a day full of working from home, though I did get out to do some shopping in the afternoon (new shampoo - fun times!). This morning, I got up for capoeira, and am working from home again.

In the next few hours, our new mattress will be delivered. When it comes, the delivery men will also haul off the old bed (box spring, mattress, frame). The bedroom is currently disassembled, so that I could run a vacuum over the floor before the new bed arrives.

For the past few days, I've also be severely limiting my caloric intake. I think I'm at somewhere around 1200/day, give or take. Tonight, I'm rewarding myself with some fish tacos!

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