26 September 2009

back to work

The past few weeks have been abuzz as I've been getting ready to head back to school. We had our welcome week this week. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were orientation days, and Thursday was the first day of classes. There has been a great deal of objection to and consternation about the recent budget cuts, fee increases, and furloughs, so on Thursday, much of the campus engaged in a walk-out/teach-in sequence of events. You can read about the protests here.

Alas, I was unable to take part in the protests because I was in tech for If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, a children's play based on the book of the same title. We started tech on Tuesday and opened yesterday. It's a lovely little play with some fun moments. I saw the opening performance yesterday, and the kids from all the school groups really loved it!

Also, since Sarah had a hiatus week this week and I was in tech (curse you again, universe!), her mom came out to spend some time. They did a lot of shopping, but they joined me for the opening of my play on Friday morning. Then, after the play, we headed into LA for an afternoon at LACMA. We saw a bunch of interesting pieces (my favorites were the room of Giacometti sculptures, the Klee painting, and the huge Benton painting), and then we headed to AOC for tapas. Our menu there included some incredible cheeses, salads, and seafood dishes. I think my favorite was the salad with arugula, fried prosciutto, figs, melon, and mint. Mmmmmm!

This morning, it's a bit back to normal with a run, some work, and some hanging with Sarah. It's Saturday, after all, and I jump back into long days at the U on Monday. Wheee!

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