18 July 2009

some off-topic thoughts

I've been posting a lot about Korea, but there are some non-Korea-related things that are worth mentioning:

a) A toe and a half on my left foot have been asleep and slightly numb since Wednesday. It happened while we were eating that chicken/ginseng soup, when my foot fell asleep and started to hurt. Now, it doesn't hurt, but it feels like I'm standing on a small rock. I should probably get that looked at when I get back to the states.

b) Salaries at UCI have been hit by the recession. Depending on pay scale, we are getting between a 4 and 10% cut in pay. Because I'm still low on the scale, I'll be getting a 6% cut. The good news is that the 6% cut comes AFTER the raise I'm getting this month. I worked out the math, and it will only turn out to about $200 or so less in pay per month. That could have been a lot worse.

c) The pay cuts are intended to be part of a furlough system, and the U has not decided how it will handle the furloughs. I will need to take 14 days off, and I'm thinking that maybe taking two weeks to go skiing in the winter would be nice!

d) Of to Tokyo and Ian tomorrow!

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