15 July 2009

another day of rehearsal

9.30 on Wednesday night. I caught up on my sleep last night, and got downstairs at the hotel in time to check my email for a bit before Eli and I met at 10.30 to take a cab over to the studio. When Eli came downstairs, he had a bunch of new ideas, which meant that instead of 60 minutes of notes time, I actually needed about 120 minutes of note time. Thus began a long day of being behind the eight ball.

The rehearsal sessions today were intense. We got a lot done, including adding back in some previously-removed plot, the first time that our clowns have ever spoken in a show, and staging a weird ‘is this a dagger I see before me’ bit. I was scrambling all day to keep up with rehearsal and also take care of my notes, and it was a little bit frustrating when Yosup, the artistic director, insisted that I stop doing notes to eat dinner.

In the evening session, we did some notes and then ran the show. Our run time is 43 minutes, which will probably expand to around 50 minutes in production, once we add a little bit more staging and allow for audience response time.

After rehearsal, I had a red bean icicle with some of the company members, and now we’re back at the hotel. Eli and I are going to take a walk around the area soon, and I’ll see if I can take some photos. The trip to China had a lot of freetime in both cities, but this trip is pretty booked up with rehearsal. We’re usually in between 10 and 11 to get ready, and we don’t leave the studio until around 9pm.

Update… 10.30. Eli and I took a walk around the hotel environs to chat down the day. The area is a huge market: part restaurant, part street-food, part bar, part convenience store, part clothing store, part fish market. And some American fast food joints. Eli bought an ice cream, and I had some fried street-food. Tonight, it was a small veggie pancake and a hardboiled egg. Weird. We wandered past Koreans eating bbq, drinking in bars, and packing up the catch of the day that didn’t sell. I hope that that fish becomes cat food and not tomorrow’s catch of the day…

I’ll leave you with a photo of street right next to our hotel:

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