27 March 2011

High in NYC: tech, previews, and other things that take up time.

After a long week of work, HIGH is out of tech and firmly in previews. Performances are going well, and I'm looking forward to a day off tomorrow (during which I'll catch up on some work).

The week was very VERY illuminating, and mostly successful. Having done the show three times before gave us a leg up, and we were able to get fully through the show by dinner on the second day (that's super-fast, for those of you who aren't in theatre). The weirdest part of the week was dealing with the union rules, which are confusing. There are too many bits and pieces to go into here, but I'll just say that while I'm pro-labor and support the unions, I find the myriad rules very obscure and obfuscating.

I was able to catch up with some friends throughout the week, mostly in the evenings. Sten Severson and David Thomas are working on The Motherfucker With The Hat next door to us, and I saw them a few times this week. Scott Barrow and his wife Amy joined me for dinner at a great Thai place near my apartment. Last night I had drinks with Jo & Drew Farrow, Nathaniel Hare, his wife Emily, and Andy Leviss. Last week, before we fell into tech, I also got to hang with Brad Berridge and Jeff Roudabush.

After a lovely warm week when I first arrived, the weather got very very cold. Lows are below freezing, and highs are in the high 30s. It's been too cold to run, so I've taken to running the stairs in my apartment building. What a workout! I did it on Friday, and my calves are STILL sore.

Tonight, after our matinee preview, I'm headed uptown to see Freud's Last Session, which was designed by one of my students at UCI. Tomorrow, I'll see The Motherfucker With The Hat.

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