08 March 2011

In the aeroplane, over the land

The last few days at home have been nice. I tried to spend some time with S since she is newly done with her training program. We did some shopping, had some nice meals, and watched some tv together. On Sunday, we went to the Yale Drama west coast party, where we saw lots of old friends and classmates. Terrific!

Now, I'm on a plane, high over this great land of ours. I'm headed from LA to Charlotte NC for the annual USITT conference. Technical theatre people (including a bunch of sound designers) from around the country get together for a few days of panels, talks, and meals. I'm leading a panel tomorrow on using mobile devices as sound design tools. Brad Berridge, Davin Huston, and Tim Brown are working on it with me.

I'm also being productive on the plane! Thanks to the iPad, I was able to edit a thesis draft and catch up on my email! Hooray!

More soon from Charlotte.

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