15 March 2011

After 48 hours in sunny California, it's back to the skies for me. I'm high in the skies over Illinois right now, heading to New York to put in and tech High on Broadway. I land at 10pm on Tuesday. I'll be in rehearsal on Wednesday, quiet time on Thursday, and then doing notes throughout the weekend. Tech starts on Monday, and previews start a few days later.

Home was quick and action packed. On Sunday, after doing some laundry and taking care of some tasks, S and I went to see Battle LA. It was good, but very loud. On Monday, S had breakfast with her dad (who was at LAX briefly for a layover en route to China), and I went to the U for final projects. Projects done, I had some brief hangout time with a couple of students before heading home. This morning, S and I had breakfast before she dropped me off at LAX.

More soon from NYC!

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