10 September 2010

High in the Sky

The last few weeks of summer vacation are here for UCI folk, and I'm making the most of it with a bunch of work and some last minute travel. On Wednesday, I flew home after mounting the latest production of HIGH in Cincinnati, where I also got to see some old friends and eat a remarkable dessert (goat cheese mousse, basil sorbet). On Monday, I fly to Minneapolis, where I'll finish work on a Gilgamesh project that has been part of my life for three years now. By the time I'm done there, classes will have started at the U, and I'll jump right in.

S left LA four weeks ago to start working on a feature film called Battleship, based on the board game Battleship. She's shooting in Hawaii until mid-October, when the team will relocate to Baton Rouge. Right now, I'm on my first of two trips to see her in Honolulu. Photos to follow, naturally.

All in all, the summer seems to have been a bust. I spent a lot of it working, and the time that I did have 'off' did not, of course, match up at all with the little leisure time that S had. So, we slog through another year with mismatched work schedules. One of these days, we'll take a trip together, for fun.

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