20 August 2010

when loose becomes huge and tight becomes loose

Since reaching my weight loss goal in May, I've been slowly replacing my wardrobe. Today, I've bagged up the last big batch of clothes to take to goodwill. I've packed up all of my old sweaters (goodbye, dark orange Gap sweater! Goodbye, patchouli-smelling cashmere!), a handful of sweatshirts and pullovers, about 30 tshirts, and a couple pairs of shoes & sandals. They're sitting in bags by the front door, and I'll take them to goodwill on my way out to dinner tonight.

All that's left from my fat clothes is a hand-made suit (can't bring myself to ditch it...yet), a couple of too-large technical tshirts that will layer well under ski clothes, an XXL capoeira tshirt (which I still wear when the other uniform t's are dirty), and a light windbreaker. Everything else from fat Vinnie is gone.


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