13 September 2010

A short weekend in Hawaii

I'm typing this on a plane from LA to Minneapolis, after a lovely weekend visiting S in Hawaii. I got out on Friday morning, took a run up Diamond Head (a big volcanic tuff, or crater-shaped mountain), and met her after work that night. On Saturday, when S went to work, I rented a bike and rode around Honolulu. I hit the farmers market, rode around Diamond Head, went to the royal palace, rode up to the Punch Bowl (a military cemetary) where S was shooting, then to a waterfall hike, and then back home.

On Sunday, we rented a jeep and drove to the windward side of the island, taking small stopoffs as we desired. We ate sushi, saw temples, photographed islands, and had a lovely time. Unfortunately, the day had to end, and S dropped me off at the airport to catch a redeye back to LA. 

I landed at 4.30, was home by 6.30, went for a run, had a breakfast meeting, then a conference call, and then headed right back to LAX for another flight.

I'm headed back to Hawaii in a few weeks, for a longer visit, hopefully with S getting two days off. Wish us luck!

In blog-related news, I'm trying to travel for vacation witness only the iPad. It make blogging a little tough, particularly with regards to uploading photos. The easiest way I can find to upload them now is to do it one at a time, which is why the photos of Hawaii are each in their own blog posting. When I get a chance, I'll send them all to Picasa and share the link.

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