30 September 2010

Back in the skies

I'm back in the skies after a few days at home. It seems like the only times I get to blog are when I'm flying. Huh.

The Gilgamesh project opened fine and is running well in Minneapolis. It was a hard week and a half, with designs that were over ambitious, load-in and tech periods that were too short, and a show that was perhaps too complex for the resources available. After much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments, the show opened and we all went home. Reviews have been great all around, and my design has been called "mind-boggling" and "evocative."

I returned to LA last weekend and began the last sprint towards the end of summer. Sunday was a workday. Monday was a day of fixing notes for High and being on campus for errands. Tuesday was my first day of classes. I like both of my classes this quarter. I'm already in a good place with my undergrads, and the grad class is also in good shape. Wednesday was a day of meetings and a too-hot run, from which I'm still recovering. Today (Thursday) was another teaching day, and as soon as classes were done, I hopped in the car to drive to the airport. I was a bit famished when i got to the airport, so I grabbed a bite at a local ecuadorian place. Pupusas and empanadas! Yum!

Now I'm on the plane, back to Hawaii. It's Sarah's birthday, so I'll get to celebrate that with her tonight. Kayaking tomorrow!

Happy birthday, my baby!

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