06 November 2009

Looking towards the holidays...

It's been a very busy month since school started up. We're in the middle of an unexpected staffing emergency at the U, so there's a bit of additional headache there. Our students are coming down with H1N1 (or, as they call it: Pig Aids), so I would say that 5-10% of the drama department is somehow ill. Many are at home on bed rest.

Plus, I've been up to my eyeballs in keeping up with classes and an outside project. I'm headed to Hartford this weekend to spend six days working on Shakespeare's R&J, an adaptation of, well, Romeo & Juliet.

Sarah had a hiatus week last week from Cougartown, and her last day of Cougartown was this past Monday. She had Tuesday through Thursday to recharge herself, for today she headed back to work on '24.' It shoots pretty far north, so she'll be renting a room up there for the work week.

Last night, we bought plane tickets to KC for Thanksgiving. We'll arrive in time for dinner on Thursday, and be back sleeping in our bed by Saturday night. Still, though, it will be nice to see the Hodges/Short family.

I'm taking my fancypants camera with me to Hartford. Hopefully I can catch some autumn!

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