14 November 2009

so long, Hartford

Well, that was a quick trip.

After landing in Hartford, it was a very fast sprint to get ready to
tech a show I had never seen. I definitely do not recommend it. It
was only thanks to good planning on my part, a number of old
relationships that I could rely upon, and the fact that the show did
not undergo a radical reversal that I was able to put the show up in

Also, on Tuesday, I started to feel ill. It started with a little
achey-ness, but the aches soon gave way to a cough, stuffy nose, and
more severe aches. I felt myself get sicker and sicker as the week
progressed. Each morning, I'd feel okay, each afternoon, I'd feel
bad, and each evening, I'd start to feel okay again. Mostly. Still,
last night, after we opened the show and went out for a drink, I found
myself shivering in bed, wishing the heater would work more quickly.

Now, it's 9.20am, and I'm sitting in the Hartford airport, waiting for
my flight to DC, which will connect me to LA, home, and Sarah!

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