10 November 2009

in Hartford, in tech

It took a long time to get to Hartford.

On Saturday night, Sarah and I went to a wedding reception for our
friends Chris and Rachel. They got married a few weeks ago in New
York state, but they wanted to throw a reception for their LA
friends. I was an honorary groomsman, and as such, they asked me to
deliver a toast. I read Seamus Heaney's 'Scaffolding,' which Sarah's
dad read at our wedding. I think the poem was a hit.

We got up early on Sunday morning so that I could catch a flight
across the country to Hartford CT, where I was going into tech. When I
reached my layover in Chicago, I discovered that my flight to Hartford
was cancelled. I ended up staying the night in Chicago instead of
getting to Hartford on time. On the plus side, I got to have dinner
with my friend Mandy and her fiance Kevin, so... bonus!

On Monday, my flight left Chicago on time and got me to Hartford in
one piece. I got off the plane and directly shuttled to the theatre,
where I worked for a few hours to get the system sounding right. For
dinner, I got to dine with Denise, who stopped off on her way from New
Hampshire to Brooklyn. That was a nice surprise!

This morning, I got up, ran 5 miles, took a walk in the autumn leaves,
and am now sitting here in a dark theatre, teching a show that I have
never seen before. It's really quite unusual to not have seen the
show before, but here I am, trying to figure it out. Boy, I wish I
had seen a run-through!

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