11 October 2008

San Diego

On Thursday, I had a bit of a bad day, with some weird things happening at
the U. Everything will get sorted out, but it's more than a bit annoying
right now.

Yesterday, Sarah and I went to breakfast and then headed down the coast to
San Diego. We're taking a mini-vacation as part of her birthday. We got
into town yesterday afternoon, dropped our stuff off at the condo, and
headed into Balboa Park. We went to the Japanese Garden, which was lovely,
had a bit of sushi and tea, and then headed to the Museum of Man. Most of
the museum was based on evolution, ancient cultures of the Americas, and
dead humans (mummies, shrunken heads, etc.), but Sarah and I were both blown
away by a small temporary exhibit of modern Chinese woodcuts. They were
beautiful, and we're thinking that something along that line might be great
for our living room.

After Balboa Park we drove into the Gaslamp (Gaslight?) district, which is
where all of the chain restaurants and stores are. There's a Yardhouse AND
a RockBottom. o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o! We left there pronto and found our way over
to Little Italy, which was much more our speed. We found an art gallery
featuring Latin American artists, another great small art gallery, a Chinese
import shop, a couple of yummy Italian delis and scores of Italian
restaurants. We ate at one. Sarah had gnocchi with sundried tomatos and
chicken. I had imbottini, which I had never had before. It's thin-sliced
eggplant wrapped around pasta, pesto, and ricotta cheese. It was very

After dinner, we came back to the condo, walked along the beach, got some
frozen yogurt, came home, read, and crashed. Now, it's almost 10am. Our
family who owns the condo are coming over for breakfast. Then, we're going
to do something - we just don't know what it is yet! More later...

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