04 October 2008

New York City, Gilgamesh, and a Birthday Party

We just finished the first week of classes back at the U. My undergrad
class is shaping up to be a good group, with a nice balance of technical
thinkers and head-in-the-clouds artists as well. My grad class is also
going well. It's taking a bit longer to settle into the pace of the class,
but we had a good couple of days this week, so that was nice.

Sarah's birthday was on Tuesday, and she got a Wii console. We had thought
about going out for dinner, but we decided instead to stick around at home,
order in, and play with the Wii. Happy birthday my dear!

As I write, I'm sitting on a plane, traveling back from NYC. I flew out
early Saturday morning for a meeting with the director, the director's
husband, and the set designer for an adaptation of GILGAMESH that we'll be
doing in Minneapolis this fall. We talked for hours last night, and we've
got some great ideas to work on. We're more interested in exploring how the
myth can be connected to other, semi-related, stories. As such, we won't be
doing any sort of linear story-telling. Instead, we'll deconstruct the
story, incorporating different aspects of it into other stories. We'll be
exploring scale, oil, rapture, buddy movies, mortality, dreams, and many
other avenues. No one knows where this will lead, but we're definitely
excited to see where it takes us. I've got a couple of interesting projects
in the meantime, including a slow, Victorian Era striptease to write.

Tonight, after I land, I have to rush home and do some baking, for tonight,
we're having a small birthday party for Sarah. We'll have a small group
over for games and munchies. Then, tomorrow, a full day of work.

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