20 October 2008

Float like a butterfly...

There was an incredible piece on The Daily Show tonight. One of the correspondents went to Wasilla, Alaska, to try and identify what Palin said when she suggested that small-town America was somehow more 'American' than big-city America. The correspondent discovered a whole lot of chain stores, a church-going man covered with tatoos of all of the women he's slept with (including his wife and the woman he was cheating on his wife with on the same arm!), a man who suggested that small-town America was impacted more by 9/11 than big cities (like NYC or Washington DC), and the current mayor, who admitted that Wasilla does not adminster any utilities or infrastructure, and two big parts of her week were the staff meeting on Monday and signing checks on Thursday. After listening to these people talk about how American they were, the piece ended, very powerfully, with a shot of NYC firefighters from 9/11.

Sarah and I were stunned. It was an Ali knockout punch! A light and fluffy piece that gets, in its last few seconds, scathing and righteous. It should be required viewing for anyone who is inclined to think that Palin had a point.

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