01 September 2008

well, soon-to-be grandmother, in any case

Okay, so the new baby is Palin's, since Bristol is currently pregnant, and therefore couldn't have given birth so recently. So, Palin isn't guilty of any sort of weirdo coverup; instead, she's just proven the effectiveness of an abstinence-only sex education policy.

On to the violence and unlawful arrests in St. Paul. Amy Goodman, the host of Democracy Now (one of the great lefty radio programs) was arrested, along with two of her producers, at a demonstration in St. Paul. There's a video of Amy's arrest. All she appears to be doing is talking to the police when they decide to arrest her. I've been listening to Amy for a few years now, and she's very mild-mannered and cordial. I find it hard to believe that she was inciting riot at all... Apparently, Amy's arrest was part of a group of 100 arrests. I guess that's the new crowd control method in the Twin Cities: lock all the lefties up.

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