28 September 2008

exhausting week(end)

At the U, this last week was 'welcome week,' in which we welcome the new and returning students back to campus with three days of meetings designed to bore them to death. Monday started with a 9am meeting, and those of us in the design department went through to 11.30 that night. Tuesday started at 10am, and though I had a break mid-day (during which I went to the doctor and cooked dinner for me and S), I was still at the U until 1am. Wednesday started at 9.15am and went through the 5pm or so. Classes started on Thursday, which meant that my day started at 10am and went until about 5pm. After classes, I met up with Sarah and her parents, who took us to dinner to celebrate Sarah's birthday and new job.

Thursday night, after the dinner, I hopped on a plane to fly to Pittsburgh. I landed in Pittsburgh at 9.30 Friday morning to take care of some recording projects for yet another production of RADIO GOLF, this one at Pittsburgh Public. I did the recordings at 1pm, had them finished by 5pm, and was back at the theatre until 7.30 or so to work out some details. I turned out the lights at 9pm on Friday and woke up at 4.30 on Saturday (that's 1.30am California time) to fly back to LA. Sarah and her folks picked me up at the airport at 10.45 California time, and we spent a full day at the Aquarium of the Pacific and King's Fishhouse (looking at aquatic life from two very different perspectives). I crawled into bed at about 11.30pm, having been up for 22 hours straight. This morning, we went to brunch at Sevilla and then put my in-laws on a plane. Sarah and I chilled in front of the TV for a couple of hours, and now she's playing her game while I trying to get motivated to do some work. Mostly, though, I'm just pooped.

At King's Fishouse, the cocktail napkins all have dumb seafood jokes, including this one, which, thanks to Bryan Harris, has been part of my 'jokes appropriate for a 10-year-old' repertoire for years:

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