17 September 2008

Thank god we had an RN in the company

Tonight was an exciting night at the theatre! We're in our dress rehearsals
for ENDGAME at the U. Part of the tech is the gradual adding in of all the
techincal elements. Today, we loaded in the seating risers and chairs. At
about an hour before we were to start, one of the students was moving around
behind a curtain, fell, and hit his head on the corner of one of the seating
platforms. He said he was okay, but when he came out from around the
curtain, he stumbled and knocked a music stand over. I looked over at him
and he had a couple of scrapes on his face, and a nice welt above his left
eye. The welt was about the size of a half-dollar and stuck out of his head
over 1/4."

I immediately sat him down in a chair, sent for the stage manager, and got
an ice pack. The student never lost conciousness, nor was his speech ever
slurred. The SM checked him out and he seemed okay. It didn't take long
before our costume designer, who also happens to be an RN, heard what
happened. She came upstairs to where the student was sitting, and checked
his eyes. His left eye wasn't dialating, so she decided to call 911.

When the ambulance got here, the professionals looked our student over and
gave him a quick interview. They put him in a neck brace, moved him to a
stretcher, and wheeled him to the ambulance. Our student is now at the
hospital, getting checked out. The professionals told us that he'll be
completely fine, but we're glad he's being looked at by someone who knows
what they're looking at.

I'm watching a run of the show now, and afterwards, the SM and I will go
check on the student, making sure that he and his car get home tonight.
More later.

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